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Gasoline fuel EMS

LinControl has started the ECU production since 2008 and has separated platforms for 2-cylinder engine, 3-cylinder engine, 4-cylinder engine and 6-cylinder engine. Up to now the total ECU production has been more than 500,000 units.

LinControl has control strategies for new engine technologies, such as e-throttle, VVT, Turbo charge, etc. LinControl EMS systems can meet Euro V standard and are installed on sedan, MPV, SUV, VAN, truck, 3-wheel motorcycle, generator, etc.

the gasoline EMS products:
1、LEC2A:2-cylinder engine
2、LEC3A:3-cylinder engine
3、LEC4A:4-cylinder engine
4、LEC4G:4-cylinder engine
5、LEC6K:6-cylinder engine
5、LEC4AE:4- cylinder e-throttle engine
6、LEC4T: 4-cylinder turbo engine

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