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Environmental regulations to promote the upgrading of the automotive industry
发布时间:2017-01-20 15:35:50
    Environmental regulations to promote the upgrading of the automotive industry, Wuhan Ling Electronic Control System Co., Ltd. access to rapid development As China is facing increasing pressure on environmental resources over the past year, the state issued a number of emissions for the automotive industry, fuel consumption laws and regulations to promote the automobile enterprises Its products to upgrade technology.
    Since January 1, 2017, all light-duty petrol vehicles manufactured, imported, sold and registered must comply with the national V emission regulations;
    Since January 1, 2018, all manufactured, imported, sold and registered light diesel vehicles must comply with the national five emission regulations;
    As of July 1, 2020, all light-duty vehicles registered for sale and registration must comply with the country's six emission regulations.
    Passenger vehicle fuel consumption limits of the fourth stage, the target value and light commercial vehicle fuel consumption limits have also been released. The engine electronic control system belongs to the automobile core control system and the component, the automobile manufacturer's new vehicle type development is inseparable from the engine electronic control system manufacturer depth close cooperation. To meet the new emission and fuel consumption standards, the vehicle power system needs to be upgraded, the engine electronic control system manufacturers need to cooperate with the new engine technology to develop a new hardware and software control platform, and the vehicle and engine performance calibration calibration.
    LinControl  was established in 2005, since its inception, has been focused on the automotive engine electronic control system development and production, has become the field of engine electronic control of independent development enterprises.
    In the automotive products require rapid escalation of the large situation, the rapid control of electricity entered the light / micro-trucks and MPV market. For customers in different market segments, Wuhan Lingdian introduced integrated gasoline / natural gas dual fuel ECU for ECU products such as pressurized intake air, electronic throttle valve body, VVT and other new technologies, and for the use of end-user requirements For the vehicle product development and performance customization performance calibration services. Ling electric control in 2014 to assume the national strong base project "direct injection engine electronic control system," has now officially adopted the acceptance of the panel, the industrialization of the project will own brand cars to meet the fuel consumption of the next phase of the fifth laws and regulations Provide strong support.
   Automotive engine electronic control system as the automotive electronics field the most complex, the core part, known as the automotive industry, "the top of the crown of the pearl", technical difficulties, high barriers to entry, has long been monopolized by a small number of international companies. Ling electric control adhere to independent innovation, in the national 863 projects and related institutions and domestic automobile production enterprises with the support and cooperation, the successful development of independent intellectual property rights of the automotive engine electronic control system, and many manufacturers and models to achieve the industry .
  The last two years, the company ECU output and output value are 100% of the rapid growth. As a leading independent development company in the field of domestic power control system, Ryoden Electric will continue its efforts to roll up the sleeves and refuel dryers to contribute to the improvement of the core control technology of China's automobile industry and break the key component "hollow".

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