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LinControl organizes badminton competitions
发布时间:2016-07-18 10:05:00

  In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, our company in July organized a spectacular badminton competition. The competition was initiated by the Minister of the Ministry of Management, Ministry of R & D Minister Zhou to do the master plan.

Competition is divided into four groups, respectively, by the four deputy head of the team, each team of 9-10 people ranging from men's doubles 1, men's doubles 2, mixed doubles, men's singles, women's doubles and other five events , Divided into three rounds of group matches.
From the start the game directly into the brutal knockout. Each team is faced with a game on the track down the possibility of fierce competition. However, "Eight Immortals, each show supernatural powers", each group have come up with housekeeping skills, a high and low, the calls come and go. Competition, players have shown tenacious struggle of the spirit of competition, but also play a team spirit. Some colleagues see a shot to a professional level. Playing not only fast, and accurate, ruthless. Some groups and groups just between opponents, regardless of the upper and lower. White ball flying in the air, do not have a landscape! We play hearty, watch the colleagues are thrilling, for their support of the party pinched a sweat.
The final total I led the A team won the event champion, Wu total B team won the event runner-up. Through this competition, everyone's body has been exercised, while increasing mutual understanding.


〈Champion team〉

〈The army〉

Staff on the pitch style:

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