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Company team activities "buffet barbecue"
发布时间:2016-03-26 10:02:00
    March 26, 2016 morning, the company came to the staff of the East Lake area pomegranate red village barbecue, the sky does not make the United States, the weather is also good to go out to the destination, began to wind, rain began, the original decision Barbecue lawn area, only for the pavilion, while shelter from the rain barbecue, we work together to move things, the enthusiasm of travel is not that the spring rain scared.
    Is not our passion moved God, began to group barbecue, collar supplies, the weather slowly began to clear up. Long absence, the sun father, began to stuck his head to feel our joy and happiness! Yes! As long as we have the determination and will to overcome difficulties, no difficulties are difficult to us. No matter how bad the environment, we can overcome difficulties, move forward.

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